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My kids and I love the neighborhood and our neighbors. Matinence has always came directly after a call. Such sweet gentle men. Highly recommend Pier 5350


This is my second year staying out here .since the new owners have took over they have made the community look so beautiful,the newly remodeled homes are to die for and the people in the office are so sweeet.i love the new pier5350

-Deanna R

I noticed since the new management, maintenance is so quick and friendly. Units are being remodeled. The gate is working. I love my neighbors! No complaints here! Definitely would recommend!


Pier5350 is peaceful community and A great environment for Children. The one bedroom apartment is very spacious and the balcony is spacious as well.They also keep laundry rooms and pools area clean (Always).If you're looking for an apartment this amazing and affordable choice.


Have been here 2 years and love the new look very elegant look there doin to the place now and I sooo love the new management

-Deanna R.

I am a single mother of 2 kids, had NO family to turn to and had NOTHING but what was in savings. Searching for an apartment I came accross what is now known as "Pier 5350". They are WONDERFUL. My kids are loved by neighbors. We're like one big family. We love enjoying the lovely pools. Maintenance is ALWAYS on call and have never not came. We love our community and I'm sure you would too. Highly recommend 

-Brittany C & Beverly J

Me gusta mucho esta comunidad,ya vivo aquí hace un año y renové mi contrato por otro año más,un lugar muy tranquilo y los trabajadores son muy sociables y comunicativos ahora mismo todo a sido renovado con los nuevos dueños todo a mejorado más ahun les doy fe de que a prosperado para mejor

-Maribel A.

The brand new 5350 is breath taking from the doggy parks to the new fishing pier even down to the 24 hr laundry room and the sparkling pools I love them all..I have nice neighbors maintenance is fast acting and the homes are beautiful I would recommend anyone to move here

-Deanna ringgo

It wasn't easy to move from Wyoming to Florida but pier 5350 helped us get into our new home easy and quickly to where we didn't have to live in a hotel for very long. The staff members are so friendly and truly do care about their resident's

-McKenzie T.

I was able to move into a affordable and beautiful 3/2 townhome.The community is peaceful and the leasing office personnel and maintenance are very attentive to any needs me and my family may have.Definitely one of my best decisions.

-Sedrick P.

This is a safe community and the neighbors are very kind.I am able to walk around the complex knowing I am safe and everyone speaks to me. I love my 3/2 townhome to pieces. My kids love their room.I am very happy with Pier 5350. Any needs I may have,the leasing office personnel make it their best to fulfill.5 stars!!!

-Jacqueline P.

The updates/remodeling are so nice!! Friendly staff! Quiet and realxing place to live.

-Andrea M

One of the best and biggest floor plans here in Jacksonville! Kid friendly and the staff is quick to respond. Every day I come home to see the new management doing things to make this community even more beautiful!! A great place to stay!

-Andrea M.

These apartments are the best I have been for two months and I love it. My daughter loves the park and the pools are very clean I recommend to everyone


The new management team are really doing a great job. Since they've arrived many upgrades have been made to the community. They've renovated the apartments, installed new gate security, and the new maintenance team is efficient. I've been here for two years and the new changes are really making this community a great place to live.

-Paula S.

Renovations are nice and the neighborhood is quiet. Very affordable and office people are nice


After living in Tallahassee for a year, moving into another apartment complex made me a little leary! After checking out the townhouses, i loved the floor plan! Now being here for 2 months, i have to say this is such a great place!! Tye, Bianca and Nikki are super friendly and helpful, everytime I have had any questions or concerns they have been there!! Maintenance has also been awesome, I've had a couple minor issues, and they have been out same day to resolve whatever it was!! I also have 5 kids so safety is a huge issue for me, this is definitely not a problem here! Its quiet and our neighbors are great! If your looking for a great place to live with an awesome view ovetlooking the river, look no further, Pier 5350 is the way to go!!!!

-Robert N.

Great community place to live in!

-Joneasha P.

I've been out here going on a year now I absolutely love the the new management. They took over n I saw a drastic change there fixing Everything the team in the office is so kind with great customer service. When I call they always nice n very helpful. The maintenance is great n they come out right away I never had any problems. Me and my kids love calling this place home and we feel very comfortable living out here. Good job pier 5350. Thank You Sherika M.


pier 5350 is great place we have lived here a little over 2 years. since pier 5350 took over and doing alot of changes its looking great. the staff are very friendly and when they say welcome its true because they do treat you like family. it has a beautiful view and i love it.

-michelle m.

First, I wanted to state that the office staff is top notch! They are always available to answer questions and solve problems. They went above and beyond with helping me with my move in. There were a few issue with my apt when I moved in but within a few days, maintenance had come and fixed them all. I definitely would recommend staying here because the apartments are spacious and the staff are professional and efficient.

-Jeremy M.

Pier 5350 is a very nice and quiet neighborhood that gives you quick access to downtown and to the beaches. I love the upgrades that the new management has implemented so far. Maintenance is always there when you need them. I highly recommend Pier 5350 for newcomers and existing tenants in the Jacksonville area.

-Patrick S.

I love living out in pier5350. Its a really nice community kids friendly. Got fishing dock to fish off of. My boyfriend had caught a big red off there.

-Britney S.

My family and I have been living here going on 2 months. It is definitely a big change from where we were living before. The entire office staff made us feel right at home the very first time we met. Ms. Tye was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. She walked us through everything step by step and did not finish until the process was finished. My husband and I have also noticed how happy our boys are since we moved. We all feel safe and we do not plan on going anywhere for a while. Thank you, Ms. Tye, Ms. Nicki, Ms. Bianca and the entire Pier5350 family for allowing us to be apart of your extended family. Blessings to each one of you. Nakia P.

-Nakia P.

My girlfriend stay out there in this community and it has improved a lot. There has been a lot of remodeling to apartments and the pool areas. She also love staying out here and the management is very nice and friendly. She has another year out there and she will end up renewing her lease. 

-Frederick S.

I love coming to visit my sister because it's a quiet and pleasant community. What I really enjoy the most is walking to the back of the apartments where you can see the St Johns River its relaxing.


I am happy that I made the decision to move here. It was perfect timing, a new company has taken over and made improvements to the look of the neighborhood.


Love my appartment!


Since Laramar Management has taken over, not only the name has changed but so has the atmosphere. Needed improvements were addressed very quickly, from outside aesthetics to inside improvements. The staff seem ready and available to assist and the maintenance workers are very expedient and thorough. My favorite improvements include the entrance gate becoming functional, roof and siding upgrades and especially the online services to pay rent as well as place work orders with maintenance. My lease was up and I was seriously deciding upon two other options for residence based on former management lack of good services. But once I saw newer management making immediate improvements and reaching out to the tenants proactively, I am so glad I prayerfully stayed and signed up once again.

-Monica H.

I am very happy with my apt. Enjoy the view my space my neighbors my location maintenance and yard care around Apts parking great mailman great and security is great. Thank you

-Felicia S.

I am very happy with my apt. Enjoy the view my space my neighbors my location maintenance and yard care around Apts parking great mailman great and security is great. Thank you, Felicia

-Felicia S.

I chose Pier 5350 to start my independence in a new area. The apartment I now live in is a studio which huge might I add (625 sp ft.) The staff is a very friendly and relatable, and also a plus is the neighborhood is quiet. Management is making major improvements to better the neighborhood such as better securities and physical repairs on the interior/exterior of the apartments. Id recommend this place to a friend.

-Donica G.

I was planning to move 6 months ago because of the disrepair of summer oaks and the bad customer and maintenance service. however new people took over (laramar) and almost immedeatly I saw that they were going to restore the property back to the beautiful ,friendly and safe place to live. I no longer had to wait for a month to get maintenance to fix something. Laramar put up beautiful new wooden fencing around the whole property and restored the security gate at the entrance. I try to keep the area around my home beautiful and clean and have two beautiful gardens that brighten up the whole area. I really couldn't enjoy them before because of the people that hung around that didn't belong there . now I can sit outside and enjoy and enterrain my friends. The picnic area has been restored beautifully.I recommend this place highly to all my friends. the pools are always keept clean now. Love it , Love it. Dennis P.

-Dennis Patrick

I have lived in the community 2 years and I can surely say, there have been tremendous improvements. The staff are prompt and friendly. My family and I are excited for the new enhancements!

-Dionna B.

I have lived here a little over 2 years . The new management is Awesome compared to the old management.  . Great place to live.  Best place to stay in Arlington Area. Great size rooms.


I enjoy living @ Pier 5350, the office staff is professional, maintenance is efficient I love the improvements and believe I will be here for awhile.


They look so nice I really would love to be a resident.


This is my 3 year, I'll be living here I called the company to come and fix anything they come right away they have excellent people really kind respectful and they always try to make you feel good since they got the new owners everything had changed and it got better much much better I'll recommend this complex right now everything is neat clean everything is getting brand new indications are also really space in every apartment

-Brunilda R.

Our agent SHAUNA! Is the most Amazing business professional sweet heart. Beyond this simple memo of recognition! Professional. Patient. Kind. Went beyond the Norm to put information together in this particular situation! Big cheers for Shauna!!! You have what it takes ,to make it happen! Thank you so very much! K


I enjoy living here. I live right off the beautiful St.John's River. I am minutes from downtown and uptown. I feel safe. It's nice, quiet, and comfortable.

-Irma S.

Location is pretty awesome.

-Mary E.
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